Open Up Your Own Photography Business In Under 10 Weeks!

Learn from award winning international
wedding and portrait photographer

Learn how to find the perfect light

Learn how color can inspire

Learn the art of digital remastering with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

Learn how to portray the inner essence of a child

Learn the art of
perfect posing

Learn how to create emotional
interactions between your subjects

Learn what makes an image go "POP"!

Learn how to frame your subject

Learn how to freeze the action!

Learn how to capture those precious moments

Learn A Tried & Tested System Of Portrait Photography That Will Have You Earning Money in 10 Weeks!

Click below for an introduction from international award winning wedding & portrait photographer Shmuel Diamond



Miri Homa Photography

What I appreciated most about SDSP was dual focus
on both the technical side of photography
as well as photography as an art.

Rivka Levey Photography
Beit Shemesh

What sets the SDSP apart from any other photography school
is Shmuel's ability to take an ameture photographer and help
them build up to running a successful business
within a matter of months.

Framed Reflections by Rivka
Beit Shemesh

Shmuel opened my eyes to the world of photography
and helped me kick-start my business.

Chana Weisman Photography

Shmuel's course helped turned my dream into
a realistic and achievable goal.

Bumblebee Studios

Shmuel doesn't just teach the rules of photography,
he teaches the essence and the beauty of photography,
and it opens up a whole new world.

Suri Katz Photography

Shmuel's investment in each student's success
really helped me begin on the path
as a successful photographer.

Yocheved Joseph Photography
Israel, Jerusalem

I absolutely loved Shmuel Diamond's photography course!
By the end of the course, I felt confident and capable to
get out there with my camera and wow my clients!
Highly recommended!

Elana Duchin Photography

Shmuel has a unique way of understanding and
teaching photography in the most fascinating ways.
The material itself could not have been
given over in a better way!

Gitty Briener Photography

Each class was so much fun, captivating and was given
over very precisely and clearly.



Shmuel Diamond is the founder, owner and CEO of Diamond Photographic Enterprises Ltd., the holding company of Diamond Images Photography ™, the Shmuel Diamond School of Photography ™ (previously known as The Jerusalem School of Photography ™ or The JSP™) and the professional learning resource known as the Wisdom of Photography ™.

Shmuel is widely celebrated as being one of the best wedding and portrait photographers active in the Jewish world today.

His portfolio boasts some of the highest profile families and individuals in the Jewish world and his services are sought after from across the globe. The Diamond Images brand represents a  standard of  excellence and the continuous striving  to elevate the level of yesterday’s service and…